• Self-care TeleHealth

Self-care TeleHealth

Self-care TeleHealth is a 4 week group program and we meet once a week for 40 minutes. The Self-care TeleHealth session include one-on-one 30 minute check-in phone call. 

40 Minute Sessions

Eliminate the stress storm, feeling burned out and irritated. Gain strategies to get in alignment. 

What's keeping you from getting in ALIGNMENT with your quest for well-being? How are your decisions preventing you from experiencing wellness that creates the kind of life you enjoy?

Apply & Practice for Success

Guiding you through the process of releasing old patterns and breakthrough into a new life.

The Benefit

Putting an end to the irritation, frustration and stress that's draining your power to stay on target with your wellness starts by identifying the thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are working in opposition to what you want in your life.


Paul gave me hope and direction. I’m thinking in ways I have not ever in my life. I’ve never wrote down a goal or desired trait/ability. I do believe, even before our session, that it was some guiding force that led me to you. I already feel a strong shift. Thank you for what you’ve just given me. - Nick B, Logistics


Paul was able to open my vault almost immediately, and was therefore able to offer thought processes and a tangible prescription to take myself out of the negative space where I felt stuck. I am truly thankful for your time and am sincerely committed to getting in alignment with my purpose and my power. - Hospitality, Lucy M


I just want to say that I really enjoyed my call with Paul! It was very uplifting and warming to my spirit. I look forward to future sessions and applying what I’ve learned about myself to my life! - Medical Billing, Shaylah W

Before, During & After Completion Of Your Program

Between sessions you are asked to apply what you have learned and discuss challenges You'll get guaranteed solutions to your current and specific issues you're dealing with. As a result you gain confidence, focus, rejuvenation because you'll receive clear options. 

Paul (Shemsu Kes Sa) will help you understand the kind of energy you're contributing to the situations that you face. Helping you obtain clarity on how you're feeling. Guide you into alignment with your true self. 
After your sessions are completed you will still have access to stay in touch with Paul how ever long you wish and you are encourage to.