• Create a Fundamental Mind-Body Awareness 
    ​Shift That Can Transform Your Life


Alchemy of Life Empowerment 8 Week Program

Gain an elevated level of self-care skills that allow you to BREAK THROUGH fatigue, frustration, and being drained from life's minor and major clashes. Increase your adaptability, hit your goals & meet diverse life challenges.

Each session builds a strong foundation of awareness resulting in "rebooting" your body's own self-healing mechanisms. Assisting the circulation of vital energy through the natural pathways within the your body.
TESTIMONIAL: You give me hope for having direction. I’m thinking in ways I have not ever in my life. I’ve never wrote down a goal or desired trait/ability. I do believe, even before our session, that it was some guiding force that led me to you. I already feel a strong shift. Thank you for what you’ve just given me. Logistics, Nick B
Blockage of this flow is the result of imbalance. Imbalance can cause illness and pain. You'll receive support to correct the imbalances and restore your your natural state of well-being. 

He'll help you to fill in the gaps in your self-care plans and clarify the path from where you are to where you want to be. It is a partnership designed to help you to explore your options, focus on your goals, and create a personalized self-care action plan. 
TESTIMONIAL: Paul was able to open my vault almost immediately, and was therefore able to offer thought processes and a tangible prescription to take myself out of the negative space where I felt stuck. I am truly thankful for your time and am sincerely committed to getting in alignment with my purpose and my power. Hospitality, Lucy M